I Heart Giveaway!

This is a week-off because next week I'm gonna start my exam week. Pretty confused with all of this books and resume papers. But you know, my lecturer still give us some [ass]ignments! Sighs... *__*

I've been sitting in front of my laptop for hours, working on my assignments. Feel tired and dull, I decided to go blogging.
And yes! There's sunshine in the darkness.... (hyperbolic)
Fashion's Geek Closet is giving her first giveaway. Yayness! Who doesn't love giveaway? It's a beautiful vintage polkadot dress...
The first time I saw this dress, I feel that this dress will fit in me. I have a naturally thin body and edgy curly hair that will rock this dress! ;)

If I won, I would wear this dress with:
  • my Zara brown ankle heels
  • pearl necklace
  • black belt
  • gold rings
  • black leather jacket wore if necessary

I love a simple but sophisticated look! Wish me luck~


  1. pretty dress :D
    hope you'll get it

  2. you've completed all the steps, thanks for joining the giveaway! still 7 days to go, good luck!


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