Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mood Boosters!

My mood boosters of the day!

Made this summer ombre nails to instantly lift my mood :)

Had lunch with Make Over team, and look what I got! My present from winning Indonesian Beauty Blogger February makeup challenge.... Can't wait to try all of this stuffs because I love how this local makeup products works like high end cosmetic brand.
Plus: they comes with pretty rosy box!

Last but not least... last month I posted my photo trying on this shoes and I want it so bad but  decided not to buy it because of the price. And guess what? I found it in other dept. store with very special price and I didn't think twice to buy it. Best feeling ever!

"Think of happiness and it will come to you"
Have a nice day everyone,
All photos are from my Instagram account: agnes_oryza

Monday, March 18, 2013

How to: Longlasting Foundation

Hi everyone!
Pernah enggak sih kamu ngeluh kalau foundation yang kamu pakai enggak tahan seharian? Setengah hari aja udah 'ilang' atau malah jadi cakey di wajah.... Coba deh trik seperti dalam video di bawah ini supaya foundation kamu lebih tahan lama sampai seharian ;)

Good luck!
Have a nice day everyone,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Go to Rumah Cantik Citra!

Citra sent me their new Night Whitening Lotion along with Rumah Cantik Citra vouchers! Have you been to Rumah Cantik Citra? Click READ MORE to read my experience....

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Peachy Face

Rosey Cut-Out Top from TouTou (#nofilter)
I'm a new big fan of peach color on my face, since I just have pink blushes for years.... Surprisingly peach color suits my skin naturally! I also got a lot of compliment while wearing peachy makeup. The good news is peach color suits every skin tone, but be carefull not put too much peachy color on  face or you will look too orangey!
Products Used:
- Silkygirl Magic BB Cream 01 Natural
- Clinique Loose Powder
- Sleek Life's A Peach blush
- Etude Etoinette Heart Highlighter
- The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit #03
- NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
- MUA Undressed palette
- Silkygirl Gel Liner 01 Pure Black
- Falsies from Bangkok
- Silkygirl Long-Wearing Lipliner 01 Nude
- Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 240 Sandalwood Beige
- Max Lipgloss from Primark

Do you like peachy makeup?
Share your thoughts!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Second-Day Curly Hair Quick Fix

Halo! Kali ini aku mau berbagi tips seputar rambut, khususnya yang rambut keriting. Who's here that has a curly hair? You better check this video out ;)

Untuk yang berambut keriting, biasanya setelah keramas bentuk curlsnya okeee banget tertata rapi deh pokoknya. Nah gimana dengan hari selanjutnya? Biasanya nih kalau rambutku, sehari setelah keramas curls-nya mulai berantakan, enggak beraturan, megar kayak singa. Seriously!

Nah rambut keriting itu enggak disarankan untuk keramas tiap hari, maksudnya pakai shampoo tiap hari. Karena shampoo membuat minyak alami rambut hilang, dan rambut keritingmu bisa tambah megar enggak beraturan.

Yang bisa kulakukan supaya good-hair-day:
  • Membasahi ulang rambutku dengan menggunakan air dan conditioner saja, tanpa shampoo.
  • Kalau malas membasahi rambut, bisanya supaya praktis aku cepol atau dijepit setengah rambut.
  • Nah ada yang lebih praktis lagi, yaitu seperti video diatas. Dengan menggunakan leave-on conditioner yang dicampur dengan air, my hair problem can be solved easily! I'm using Pantene Nature Care Leave On Conditioner, my fave leave-on :))

Dengan menggunakan cara seperti video diatas, kamu menghemat banyak waktu supaya tidak usah re-wet your hair. Selain itu rambut keritingmu bisa lebih rapi dan wangi....

Thanks for reading!