Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Beauty Resolutions

Every new year must be followed with the new spirit, new hope, and almost all of us make resolution list. That's normal and so human because we wanna get better and better in the next coming year. I don't have party this new year's eve, just stay at home with family, with food and of course beer!

I wanna share my BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS for 2013... yippieee!

  • The #1 and the MOST IMPORTANT is clean my face from makeup and dirt before sleep. I already have a trick if I'm too tired to clean my face.
  • Do yoga at least 4 times a month.
  • Eat Vitamin C and E regularly.
  • Exfoliate at least once a week.
  • Spend my money wisely on makeup, give attention more to skincare.
  • Share my beauty thoughts on this blog, be a productive beauty blogger, especially I want to do more tutorials!

The Curly Girl Journal has already 3 years old, this blog means so much to me. I thank to you all my readers, for giving my blog attentions, comments, and support. I'm glad that there's a lot of new beauty bloggers in Indonesia! I'm sorry if I have mistakes, I will do better for 2013.

Please leave comments below if you have critics, comments, or anything else so this blog could be better and better :)
Or you can share your beauty resolutions for 2013! :D

God bless you, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12 Fave Beauty Things in 2012

It's New Year's Eve! 2012 has been a great year for me, and these beauty stuffs helped me a lot to look more gorgeous :)) 
Beauty things yang aku pilih memang agak random sih, tapi ini semua yang aku anggap best of the 2012. Please take a look ;)

Click to enlarge

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oops, I Did It Again!

Belakangan ini ketika banyak banget kegiatan seharian, sampai di rumah malem, udah capek, ketiduran padahal makeup masih nempel di muka. Oops!  It's bad for your skin if you sleep with makeup on! 
Regime yang biasa kulakukan sebelum tidur: ambil milk cleanser, cuci muka, pake toner, night cream, eye cream,..... zzzzz...
Keburu ketiduran!

I have a new trick to get rid of your makeup faster and more efficient when you're too exhausted :) Put facial cleansing wipes that can clean your makeup even your waterproof mascara beside your bed. I use this Mitu Shikada facial cleansing wipes. 
Sangat membantu lho, disaat kamu udah kecapean tinggal tarik satu lembar tissue basah ini, usap dan bersihkan makeup mata terlebih dulu baru keseluruhan wajah, baru kemudian bagian leher. Sebelumnya aku pernah coba juga dari Biore, tapi Shikada cleansing wipes ini aku beli hanya seharga Rp 9000,- aja untuk 30 lembar! Woooww gak ada ruginya deh beli ini, praktis juga dipakai untuk traveling.

Thank you for reading!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Tree Nail Art Tutorial

It's Christmas Eve! Today I will show you how to make Christmas Tree nail art inspired by CutePolish in Youtube.

So I will use the festive color such as green, red, gold, and shimmer. Perfect for Christmas! But you can change the base color as you desire.
This step-by-step tutorial is easy to do, enjoy!

Chit-Chat with Liv

One of the most memorable thing when I go to P&G Vision House beauty event is I got a chance to met Liv Tyler in person! After the main talkshow with her, we (the winner of P&G Beauty Fans Forever) got a chance to met her in person and even took a pict together! Oh my goshhh! My heart beat faster at that time. I saw her in The Lord of The Rings trilogy film and have no idea about meeting her in person.

All I could remember, she entered the room that full of people waiting for her. I stood beside the door, and she suddenly stopped in front of me and said: "hey I love your hair"
And here she was, standing in front of me and we're talking! She said that she loves my hair and my lip color, at that time I was wearing red lipstick by Revlon. And she kept talking about her new lipstick collaboration with Givenchy. It is a black lipstick, but it turns to your natural lip color when wearing.

pict source:
Liv told us about her lipstick collaboration with Givenchy

After a lipstick talk, I asked her about her fabulous glowing skin and hair, I'm so curious how she could manage her skin and hair like that, and her secret is:
- She has a face mask almost everyday, and don't forget to exfoliate.
- She loves to use hair conditioner, she uses A LOT. A hand full of hair conditioner!
- Her grandmom is her role model, her grandmom always told her not to sleep before clean her face from dirt and makeup, she did it since young! (so we can tell that flawless skin is not instant, it's by the process)

Oh it's a very memorable day! I couldn't believe I have a chit-chat with Holywood actress this close, and the fact that she's so friendly!
Even before she left the room, she said to me: "hey nice to meet you"

P&G Vision House Bangkok 27-28 November 2012

Hi everyone! Life's been hectic lately, but somehow I wanna share to you my last beauty trip to Bangkok!
As you know that I won "Beauty Fans Forever", a competition from P&G that looking for beauty evangelist, someone who is very passionate in beauty. I feel like... someone's calling me! Hehehe. Honestly I joined this competition in last minute! I didn't know about this competition, until someone told me. And my father (I don't know why) knew about it and ask me to join. So in the last day before the competition closed, I submitted video that introduced myself and the reason why I wanna win.

And this is the simplest and fastest competition I've ever joined. Three days after submitted the video, someone from P&G Singapore called me. I was driving back home,  and someone's calling me with the international number: "Hello, is this Agnes? Hi! I'm Mackie from P&G. Congratulations you win Beauty Fans Forever and get a free trip to Bangkok next week to join our regional beauty event!"
The signal was bad, and all I know that I screamed like crazy that time!
26 November 2012. Flew to Bangkok with Garuda Indonesia. Luckily my mom and my sister joined me, because Mackie said that I could bring friend/family with own expenses, the other reason was the hotel room is big enough :D When we arrived, the hotel seems not too big from the outside. It's Sofitel So Bangkok, a luxury hotel that inspired from Monsieur Christian Lacroix. Surprisingly, the lobby is not in the first floor, but in 9th floor! Aaaand...... we're amazed by the interior of our room! Each floor has a different element, ours was earth room! I also enjoyed a free spa treatment at night, sorry no picts for that...
The Bangkok view! OMG

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sanggul (Indonesia Traditional Hairdo) for Curly Hair

Hari Minggu yang lalu aku menjadi pagar ayu untuk pernikahan teman sekelasku, ZhaZha Laila (@zzlaila). Happy wedding jeng!
She wore Lucy Garden from I Wear Up for the wedding shoes!

Sooooo..... For the first time since my natural curly hair was back, rambutku disanggul!
Seriously, mbak-mbak yang menangani hairdo jago banget. Kalau biasanya mbak-mbak di salon suka ngeluh harus menangani rambut keritingku, mbak yang ini justru seneng.

Seneng karena menyanggul rambutku tidak usah disasak! Cukup diikat ditarik sedikit, dirapikan dengan hairspray, dan rambut keriting yang menjuntai dibungkus dengan hairnet , dan dengan cekatannya dia menekuk-nekuk rambutku. Selesai deh! Cukup di hairspray sedikit aja, karena rambut keriting punya holding power yang cukup kuat :D hahaha...

The process of sanggulan

This is the result! Tadaaaaaa......

My mom says that my face looks so Javanese when I got this hairdo...
I think that's not bad!

The Best Dupe of Urban Decay Naked Palette 1: MUA Undressed!

Hi everyone!
I always wanted to buy Urban Decay Naked Palette 1, but somehow my money is always wasted for something else. Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 sudah tidak diragukan lagi kualitasnya yang sangat sebanding dengan harganya, warna-warnanya seems to be perfect for any occasion, pigmented, dan staying powernya yang oke banget.

I still want that, tapi saat ini aku senang karena menemukan dupe yang 11:12 deh dengan Naked palette. It's MakeUp Academy Undressed palette!

The packaging is not too big, handy, without mirror.

The pretty colours! (without flash)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Unexpected Gift from God

After a great Paris Fashion Week trip with, I'm speechles to know that.....

I WIN FREE TRIP TO BANGKOK!!!!!! Oh my God! Ini acara yang diselenggarain oleh P&G Asia khusus untuk beauty bloggers, jadi aku berangkat ke Bangkok 26-28 November 2012 untuk menghadiri P&G Regional Beauty Event dan Liv Tyler juga bakal dateng di acara itu! :D
 Speechlees.... God is so great! It's like yesterday I'm in Paris, and next week I'll be in Bangkok :")

Keep on faith, on trust, God has prepared His master plan for you, He never fails. There's up and down in everybody's life. When I'm down, I always count blessings that God has ever gave to me. That keeps me happy :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Detox Time

Hi! How's everyone? Loonggg weekend segera berakhir, saatnya besok kegiatan normal lagi. Saat long weekend ini, I do my beauty detox.

give them rest for a while...

Selama long weekend aku enggak ada kegiatan penting yang mengharuskanku untuk berdandan. I spend most time at home, kalau keluar rumah cuma pergi ke swalayan, grocery shopping, toko buku, dll. So ini saatnya enggak usah terlalu banyak dandan!

Memang aku suka banget dandan, the exitement of the process... Tapi belakangan ini aku melihat kulitku makin sering muncul jerawat (biasanya bisa sebulan cuma 1 jerawat), kali ini jerawat yang muncul dua, dan enggak kempes-kempes. I see that my skin is tired, it looks dull, pokoknya kalau diliat dibawah sinar matahari kemulusannya berkurang *halaah*

So I decided to give my skin a rest, jadi kalau keluar rumah cuma pake loose powder atau mineral powder (which is save for sensitive skin), brow powder, eyeliner cair, dan lipstick. NO MASCARA! Seringkali proses membersihkan mascara waterproof membuat bulu mataku rontok walaupun cuma sehelai, tapi bikin panik. So far so good, liquid eyeliner cat eye udah bikin mataku terlihat dandan, no mascara is ok! :D

Here's my tips kalau kamu lagi males dandan lengkap, tapi butuh keliatan fresh!
- Red lips. Or bold lip color. Give your red lipstick a shot and you're ready to go!
- Liquid eyeliner. Just on your eyelid. Cat eyes simple udah bikin kamu keliatan dandan.
- Brow. Don't forget the brow! Sekalipun lagi males dandan, tapi kerapihan alis harus tetap terjaga kapanpun! Buat yang alis tipis pake brow powder/pencil, buat yang udah tebel alisnya dirapihin pake brow gel/mascara bening

So.... pernahkah kamu merasa malas berdandan lengkap? Atau merasa kulit wajah kamu perlu detox?
Please share in comments below! :D


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Video Tutorial: Perfect and Long Lasting Red Lips

Hi everyone! Untuk occasion-occasion tertentu atau pas lagi males dandan lengkap tapi pengin keliatan dandan, aku suka memakai lipstick merah. Dengan minimal makeup, red lips juara banget and instantly glam.

Merasa enggak cocok pake lippen merah gara-gara bibir kamu tebal? Don't worry! Bibirku juga tebal kok, pake aja lipstick merah yang warnanya agak dark. Mencari lipstick merah yang cocok memang susah-susah gampang sih. Karena punya beberapa warna merah, aku suka mencampurnya supaya warna yang keluar pas di bibirku.

Di video tutorial kali ini aku mau share bagaimana cara memakai lipstick merah yang perfect dan tahan lama...
Check this out! :)

Produtcs Used:
Revlon Matte Lipstick 006 Really Red
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 525 Wine With Everything
Clinique Loose Powderin Transparency Neutral
The Body Shop lip brush

Monday, November 12, 2012

Small Things That Bring Happiness

Sometimes small things just brighten up my day. Yang membuatku semangat justru seringkali adalah hal-hal yang kecil dan simple, atau sesuatu yang baru. I wanna share 3 things that made my day this week:

Castella Whitening Body Lotion. This cutie cow-shaped lotion is made in Semarang Indonesia. Aku tahu lotion ini dari kak Andra Alodita. Dalam suatu rapat di kantor Fimela, kak Andra semangat banget nunjukkin lotion ini. Pas aku nemu lotion ini di Superindo seharga Rp 12000,- tanpa pikir panjang aku langsung beli. Why I love this Castella Whitening Body Lotion:
- sangat melembapkan dan bikin kulitku halus! (kulitku super kering, biasanya cuma ampuh pake The Body Shop body butter atau Jergens lotion)
- Smells so good! Kayak habis mandi susu, wanginya bertahan SANGAT LAMA dan bikin semangat :D
- Kemasannya lucu dan praktis, pas banget dibawa-bawa dalam tas dan enggak bakal tumpah
- Murah meriah!
- In love with this lotion, definitely will purchase it again!!

TRESemm√© Smooth&Shine Shampoo and Conditioner.  Ravenya dashyat banget, makanya aku penasaran kenapa banyak orang suka banget pake merk yang baru launching di Indonesia ini. Why I love this TRESemm√© Smooth&Shine range:
- Jarang banget shampoo yang bisa menaklukkan rambut keritingku! Dengan pakai keduanya, rambutku jadi tidak terlalu mengembang dan rapi
- Banyak orang bilang rangkaian TRESemmé ini wanginya enak banget. Entah mengapa di rambutku wanginya gak sekuat kalau aku pakai merk lain. Wanginya kecium kalau di-sniff dari jarak dekat. Menurutku pas, not too strong tapi wanginya 'ada'

Garnet personalized ring from my dad! My dad gave me this ring, because we believe that if we wore our birthstone it will bring us luck and happiness. Apa birthstone kamu? Birthstone ku Garnet, karena aku lahir di bulan Januari. Warnanya berubah-ubah tergantung cahaya, kadang terlihat merah kehitaman, bisa juga merah agak oranye. I love this ring, papiku beli batunya via online lalu aku googling mencari contoh cincin yang kusuka. Tadaaaaa I love the result! <3>

Is there anything that make you happier these days?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Three Times a Week!

I think I'm in a moody week! I love wearing nail art depends on the situation. Dan anehnya minggu ini aku moody banget buat ganti-ganti nail art, bahkan jam 12 malam aku enggak bisa tidur karena pengin ganti nail art buat besoknya. Weird, huh?

*P.S: all of my nail art creations is made with nail polish, no stickers/decals

Froggy nails. Bandung was hot recently, I made this so I hope rain will come soon

Simple Ribbon Nails. I'm in love with nude polish, I just add stripe and small ribbon to bring the nude to the 'next level'

Fuschia Polka nails. I made this for Fimelafest! I remind you, this kind of nail art is sooo easy and simple, go try it! :)

Which one is your fave?
Have a nice weekend everyone! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let's Go to Fimelafest!

Where do you go on this weekend? Yuk dateng ke Fimelafest yang diadain tanggal 9-11 November, untuk keterangan lengkapnya klik disini
 Di Fimelafest hari kedua tanggal 10 November, aku, Diana Rikasari, Andra Alodita, dan Harumi Sudrajat bakal bagi-bagi cerita selama kita ke Paris Fashion Week! 
Save your date:
10 November 2012
Patio Central Park Jakarta
Pk 14.00

Terbatas hanya untuk 50 orang lho.... For RSVP click here:

See you there girls :*

Drugstore BB Cream: Maybelline vs Silkygirl

Hi everyone! Untuk makeup sehari-hari aku prefer foundation yang ringan dan aman seperti mineral foundation. Tapi sesekali aku juga suka memakai BB cream karena BB cream itu praktis, my skin looks better when using BB cream.Dan bahkan ketika memakai BB cream, it conceals my skin imperfections jadi memang praktis kalau lagi buru-buru enggak usah memakai concealer lagi.

Kali ini aku mau membandingan produk BB cream drugstore Maybelline dan Silkygirl yang harganya memang murah meriah kalau dibandingkan dengan BB cream Korea, dan sangat mudah didapatkan (even you can find it at Indomaret)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In The Mood for Nude

Currently loving this H&M in Nerd nail polish, it gives me very subtle nude color. The color is very perfect in my skin tone and long nails, I've been wore this for about 5 days and I spot just a little chipping in my nails. Woaahh love this!

And last but not least, Chloe Eau de Parfum just stole my heart away... I love it because it has one of my favourite notes, rose :)

Have a great day everyone,

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Eyebrow Tutorial (Video)

Hi everyone! Many girls ask me about how I did my eyebrows... Alisku tuh tipiiisss banget, cenderung 'ngilang' kalo enggak dipakein pensil alis dan kawan-kawannya. Sejak kelas 1 SMA aku menyadari alisku yang tipis ini, dan mulai belajar caranya menggambar alis sendiri.

Gampang? Enggak juga! Menggambar alis itu membutuhkan latian terus-menerus. Semakin sering kita mempraktekkannya, maka kita semakin ahli. Lama-kelamaan kita tahu bentuk alis seperti apa yang pas untuk wajah kita.

Jaman aku SMA, jarang banget yang namanya beauty blogger, video tutorial Youtube, dll. Jadi dulu aku latihan sendiri, hasilnya bermacam-macam mulai dari yang ketebelan, sampe miring sebelah.
Dan selama SMA aku selalu pergi ke sekolah dengan menggunakan pensil alis tipis-tipis. Pensil alisku yang pertama adalah Oriflame Eyebrow Pencil yang warnanya coklat tua, dan entah berapa kali aku pernah repurchase karena I can't go out without eyebrow pencil!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

HM Cosmetics Haul and Review

Hi everyone! Sesuai janjiku di post sebelumnya, di post kali ini aku bakal review H&M cosmetics yang kubeli sewaktu trip Fimelahood Goes to Paris dua minggu yang lalu. Makeup dari H&M ini murah meriah, kualitasnya oke banget. Semoga H&M cosmetics segera hadir di Asia supaya kalau mau re-stock enggak harus terbang jauh ke Europe *big AMEN!*

- Concealer #12 White Sand (4.95 euro)
- Bronzing Powder 20gr (5.95 euro)
- Eyebrow Fix (4.95 euro)
- Liquid Eyeshadow in silver (2.95 euro)
- Eyeshadows 4 color 'Into The Night' (4.95 euro)
- Single Eyeshadow in turquoise (1.95 euro)
- Pencil Eyeliner in solid black (1.95 euro)
- Eyelashes (4.95 euro)
- Eyelash Curler (3.95 euro)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sneak Peek: HM Paris Cosmetic Haul

Sewaktu di Paris, I went to H&M store. Disana sering banget ketemu H&M karena tokonya ada dimana-mana. One thing that makes me sooo happy is that H&M in Paris has their huge cosmetics range! Mulai dari eyeshadow, blush, compact powder, palette, dan bahkan brush yang lengkap banget! Jujur aja aku kalap banget selama disana, karena harga kosmetik H&M ini murah banget. Dan aku sempat tanya Harumi (My Tips Cantik), katanya kosmetik H&M bagus kulitasnya. Sedihnya, kosmetik H&M belum ada di Singapore :( So we fly far far away to met H&M cosmetics....

This is my haul, I haven't opened it since I bought it. H&M cosmetic has very simple packaging. bahkan mereka enggak pakai box, just plastic. Can't wait to try them! Just dont't judge cosmetic from its package, let's see later :D

click to enlarge

Price in Euros (1 Euro = 12000 Rupiah)
- Bronzing Powder 8.5gr (3.95 euro)
- Bronzing Powder 20gr (5.95 euro)
- Duo Nail Polish (2.95 euro)
- Cracked Nail Polish in black 7ml (2.95 euro)
- Eyelash Curler (3.95 euro)
- Pencil Eyeliner in solid black (1.95 euro)
- Eyebrow Fix (4.95 euro)
- Concealer #12 White Sand (4.95 euro)
- Eyelashes (4.95 euro)
- Single Nail Polish 9ml in Nerd (3.95)
- Single Eyeshadow in turquoise (1.95 euro)
- Liquid Eyeshadow in silver (2.95 euro)
- Eyeshadows 4 color 'Into The Night' (4.95 euro)

I will review it later, have a good day everyone..

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paris Fashion Week Day 5 (031012)

- Chloe Press Presentation
- L'occitane SPA
- Elie Saab Fashion Show

Click this pict to see the VIDEO and complete story:

Paris Fashion Week Day 4 (021012)

- Dior press preview
- Versailles Photoshoot

Click this picture to see the VIDEO and complete story: