The End of The Road

JUNE 3rd

Sunshine. Everybody needs sunshine
We know that sunshine bring us color and spirit to live

So do I. I need my sunshine
He's the sunshine of my life
Brings every color that he possibly can bring
Gives light every time I feel lost in the dark

Our love has grow fast in 4,5 months
I love him
He has a big heart
A big heart to loves me unconditionally
He loves this curly girl

He showered my day with love, lots of love
Maybe he didn't spoil me with flowers, chocos, or even diamond that every woman want
But yes, he loves me with his own way
He holds my hand everytime we're together,
He hugs me everytime I feel sad,
Even he willing to missed his class and just sit beside me, holding and hugging me tight when I'm down
He never leaves me

Everyday I feel blessed because of him

But yesterday is the end of our road
We broke up
Both of us know that someday we'll face this day,
Even since the day we're together

Weird isn't it?
We choose to walk the road together,
But each of us know that we cannot walk together forever
We know that

I can't believe that my tears just cannot stop flowing
My hearts hurts
Maybe he felt worse

Just hoping that time will cure our pain
Time will reveal us the right way
Hoping the best for us, Dear....

See u in another chapter of my life.