2013 Beauty Resolutions

Every new year must be followed with the new spirit, new hope, and almost all of us make resolution list. That's normal and so human because we wanna get better and better in the next coming year. I don't have party this new year's eve, just stay at home with family, with food and of course beer!

I wanna share my BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS for 2013... yippieee!

  • The #1 and the MOST IMPORTANT is clean my face from makeup and dirt before sleep. I already have a trick if I'm too tired to clean my face.
  • Do yoga at least 4 times a month.
  • Eat Vitamin C and E regularly.
  • Exfoliate at least once a week.
  • Spend my money wisely on makeup, give attention more to skincare.
  • Share my beauty thoughts on this blog, be a productive beauty blogger, especially I want to do more tutorials!

The Curly Girl Journal has already 3 years old, this blog means so much to me. I thank to you all my readers, for giving my blog attentions, comments, and support. I'm glad that there's a lot of new beauty bloggers in Indonesia! I'm sorry if I have mistakes, I will do better for 2013.

Please leave comments below if you have critics, comments, or anything else so this blog could be better and better :)
Or you can share your beauty resolutions for 2013! :D

God bless you, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. Happy new year!
    I should also really be wise on my makeup purchases in the future! hihihi..

    1. Hi Vani Happy New Year!
      Yeah we should! Let's taking care more of our skin :D sometimes skin just need a break from makeup

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  3. happy nu year kak agnes :D
    really enjoy ur blog kak:)
    Jesus bless:))


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