Christmas Tree Nail Art Tutorial

It's Christmas Eve! Today I will show you how to make Christmas Tree nail art inspired by CutePolish in Youtube.

So I will use the festive color such as green, red, gold, and shimmer. Perfect for Christmas! But you can change the base color as you desire.
This step-by-step tutorial is easy to do, enjoy!

STEP 1: Start with the base coat, and paint your nails with shimmery gold polish ( I mix polish no 1 & 2)

STEP 2: Make a guideline using green polish (no 3). You can use a small brush/dotting tools/ toothpick.

STEP 3: Fill in the lines with green polish with the nail polish brush

STEP 4: After dry, give the tree a big glitter polish (no 4)

STEP 5: Using a dotting tool/ toothpick make a dot in the top of the tree using red polish (no 5)

STEP 6: Finished with the topcoat (no 6) and you're done!


Hope this tutorial helpful for you! Have a joyful Christmas ;)


  1. This is beautiful! Simple, classy and festive!

  2. would you give another simple nails art :D i love it:)

  3. would you give another simple nails art? :D i love it:)


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