Chit-Chat with Liv

One of the most memorable thing when I go to P&G Vision House beauty event is I got a chance to met Liv Tyler in person! After the main talkshow with her, we (the winner of P&G Beauty Fans Forever) got a chance to met her in person and even took a pict together! Oh my goshhh! My heart beat faster at that time. I saw her in The Lord of The Rings trilogy film and have no idea about meeting her in person.

All I could remember, she entered the room that full of people waiting for her. I stood beside the door, and she suddenly stopped in front of me and said: "hey I love your hair"
And here she was, standing in front of me and we're talking! She said that she loves my hair and my lip color, at that time I was wearing red lipstick by Revlon. And she kept talking about her new lipstick collaboration with Givenchy. It is a black lipstick, but it turns to your natural lip color when wearing.

pict source:
Liv told us about her lipstick collaboration with Givenchy

After a lipstick talk, I asked her about her fabulous glowing skin and hair, I'm so curious how she could manage her skin and hair like that, and her secret is:
- She has a face mask almost everyday, and don't forget to exfoliate.
- She loves to use hair conditioner, she uses A LOT. A hand full of hair conditioner!
- Her grandmom is her role model, her grandmom always told her not to sleep before clean her face from dirt and makeup, she did it since young! (so we can tell that flawless skin is not instant, it's by the process)

Oh it's a very memorable day! I couldn't believe I have a chit-chat with Holywood actress this close, and the fact that she's so friendly!
Even before she left the room, she said to me: "hey nice to meet you"


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