Mood Boosters!

My mood boosters of the day!

Made this summer ombre nails to instantly lift my mood :)

Had lunch with Make Over team, and look what I got! My present from winning Indonesian Beauty Blogger February makeup challenge.... Can't wait to try all of this stuffs because I love how this local makeup products works like high end cosmetic brand.
Plus: they comes with pretty rosy box!

Last but not least... last month I posted my photo trying on this shoes and I want it so bad but  decided not to buy it because of the price. And guess what? I found it in other dept. store with very special price and I didn't think twice to buy it. Best feeling ever!

"Think of happiness and it will come to you"
Have a nice day everyone,
All photos are from my Instagram account: agnes_oryza


  1. aaa sepatunya XD

    btw, I nominated you as a Versatile Blogger :D

  2. I love curly girl with spiky shoes


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