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About a month ago, I received this package from Pantene Indonesia that contains Pantene Nature Care series. Pantene hair care never disappointing me, I use Pantene since in Elementary School, sometimes I try another brand but always come back to Pantene as my fave hair care.

With science and nature-derived ingredients, Pantene Nature Care claims to make our hair smooth and free-flowing. Perfect for you that love to swiinggg your beautiful hair without heavy feeling, and for you who wears hijab, it won't make your hair greasy! 

The texture of Pantene Nature Care Conditioner and shampoo

Can you see the texture of Nature Care shampoo and conditioner? Nature Care shampoo texture is transparent liquid, which is light and smells so good! By the way the scent is not too strong, which I like because it won't mix with my perfume scent (if you curious, sniff it at the nearest supermarket). 
Nature Care conditioner is yellowish light creamy texture, use it after shampooing and you will get better result.

Pantene Nature Care series on my thick dry curly hair:

  • I find it moisturized my hair well, and surprisingly even it is light-textured it doesn't make my hair look like lion's! For curly hair like me, I usually looking for heavy thick texture shampoo and conditioner to weighted my hair. But I have to say this Pantene Nature Care really did a great job!
  • My secret is I add Pantene Nature Care leave on conditioner after washing, aaaannddd.... I have to say that this Pantene Nature Care leave on conditioner is a must-have! No more flyaway and stubborn hair, all I know is just I have a good hair day ;) (will review it soon)

swisssh my hair!

Pantene brand ambassador for this Nature Care series is Gita Gutawa, Indonesian singer that represent an active young woman, with a lot of achievements.

Alfons, P&G Beauty Expert is giving us hair style tips! This hair style is very simple yet elegant, check this out ;)

Pony Tail:

Have you try Pantene Nature Care?
What do you think of the produtcs?


  1. When I was in junior high school I use pantene too when I move from kids shampoo because I feel I got dandruff but don't know why my hair got loss after used pantene anti dandruff so until now I haven't try pantene anymore

  2. sebenarx produk apa yg bnar2 bagus bwt curly hair?


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