Caramel Curly Hair

Hello 2013! Every new year I feel like I have to do something fresh to start the year. Because I really don't want to cut my hair at this time, I decided to DYED it!
Honestly it's been years since I did my last coloring, so my hair condition now is virgin! Haven't touched by the chemicals....
Since I didn't want to do it at salon, I'm looking for a coloring product that I can use at home. Fortunately, Diana Rikasari is posted about this hair coloring product and I cannot resist to get one.... Click READ MORE to see the process and the result!

Schwarzkopf Freshlight Foam in Caramel Brown! As you can see the packaging is too cute too resist, using Blythe doll as the model. I bought it discount just for IDR 80.000 at Guardian.

Color chart, I think my hair is more like that in the second row, a little bit brown-ish, not too black

Inside the box: pump, black bottle bottle 1, bottle 2, After Color Treatment in sachet, gloves, and instruction sheet

- If you have skin allergy, test it first in your skin 48 hours before coloring
- Cover everything with newspaper to avoid staining the surrounding area
- Apply oil-based cream to your ears and hairline (I'm using lipbalm)
- Remove your jewelry, glasses, etc

Let's Start! 
There's pattern on the back of the box that you can make hole in it. Place the white bottle (it contains transparent liquid) *wow I'm impressed that there's such details things like this!

Pour liquid in black bottle carefully

Place the pump, and shake slowly from left to right (not up and down!)

Just pump it aaannddd... VOILA! My foam is out like a cappuccino :p 

Spread evenly to your hair. First, I'm afraid that this mixture is not enough for my thick long curly hair, but  thank God is enough! Leave it for 30 minutes or 45 minutes for longer hair, then shampoo and use the After Color Treatment, rinse.



Tadaaaaaa! Fresh new colored hair! The color is satisfying, it comes natural and very pretty. In indoor lightning, my hair looks dark brown, but when it hits by the sunlight it seems lighter, like in the pict below:

hit by the 12.00 PM sunlight

This is the easiest way to color your hair at home! I love that they provide gloves too so we don't need to buy separately, and the direction of use is very clear and easy to do.
One thing that I don't like about this product is the smell, too strong so my head got dizzy and have to opened the window when coloring process.

Overall I love this product, totally recommended!
Have you tried this product? Which color did you use?
Have a nice day!


  1. woahh rambutmu bener2 curly tulen yah >.< jarang2 liat seseorg pny rmbut se curly dirimu dear hihi.
    nice review :D

    1. Hahaha iyaaa aslinya begitchuu :3
      keriting banget banget deh pokoknya!

      Thanks for reading :D

  2. Warnanya natural bgt yaaaa, aku kalo pake yg bubble gitu hasilnya suka ga rataaa :(

    1. iyaaa natural banget mbak :D
      ini isinya cukup banget pasti kalo rambutnya pendek, bisa dipake sampe foamnya nutup semua bagian rambut :)

  3. kemarin aku juga liat beberapa review mengenai schwarzkopf freshligh ini dan hasilnya banyak yang suka. aku tadinya mau beli produk ini, tapi ternyata guardian dideket rumah cuma ada 3 pilihan warna.. akhirnya aku beli Liese dehhh :(

    1. iyaaa recommended banget deh produk ini! Very easy to apply dan warnanya pas :)
      maybe next time yaaa kalo mau cat rambut lagi coba schwarzkopf foam ;)

  4. Baguuss banget jadinyaaa! hihihi..

    I tag you in my latest post dear..
    Check it out yaaa.. :D

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  6. Curly hair is look very beauty to your face..It look more dense and also very long...

  7. OMG i always want to try that product but afraid that it wont work because the blackness of my hair is pretty extreme hahaha thanks for the review, gonna try it soon!! xx


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